Questions About Products

How do I know how much life insurance coverage I need?

I perform a needs analysis for any prospective client which pinpoints the appropriate amount of coverage. I then present different scenarios of coverage’s to fit into the client’s budget.

How do I know how much critical illness coverage I need?

Generally speaking, the recommended amount is about 1 times your gross annual income. There is a need for a conversation about this issue.

How do I know how much disability insurance I need?

Most insurance companies will only insure you up to 50-60% of your taxable income. There are a few factors involved here to determine this amount.

How can I make sure I am getting the best price for the amount of coverage I have decided on?

I offer a survey of the insurance market for proof of unbiased advice and to save you from having to spend the time shopping the market collecting quotes from several sites.

General Questions

What is the difference between term life insurance and permanent life insurance?

I like to use the analogy of renting or owning a home. Term insurance is like renting your coverage where you are purchasing the coverage for a specific time period. Permanent insurance is similar to owning your home, where you may in some situations be able to build up some cash value and you would have the coverage until you pass away.

What if I have been declined or highly rated for life insurance for a health or unusual circumstance?

I have access to companies that can offer coverage for hard to insure people without having to provide medical evidence.

What is the best way to fund a buy-sell agreement for a business partnership or key-man?

Life insurance, critical illness insurance and disability insurance are by far the best ways to fund these solutions because the deposits needed are cents on the dollar compared to what could occur in the event of an un-forseen event..

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